ALIFAB is a fabricator of predominately aluminium products.

We specialise in:

  • Aluminium fabrication for the construction industry
  • Access Control screens and partitions for Commercial and Industrial applications
  • Security Gates and Window Guards
  • Aluminium, Mild Steel & Stainless Steel Balustrades and Handrails
  • Aluminium Cable Support Systems
  • Roof Grip Roof Top Access Walkway
  • Rapid Building Solutions for temporary & permanent buildings
  • Aluminium Roof Racks for off road vehicles
  • Aluminium Portal Frame Marquees up to 20m span 


RoofGrip Systems - For safe and controlled access to your roof space.

Roofgrip is specially designed as a roof sheet access walkway system. It protects your roof sheeting from damage when the area is being accessed by maintenance and inspection crews.

Roofgrip has been installed on a wide range of roof sheet profiles by many local and international corporations to protect and control access to their roof areas.

The product is maintenance free and has a extremely long life span. It is self-cleaning and remains is top condition without any attention. The fixing method ensures the integrity of the original roof sheet installation.


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Gorilla Aluminium Alloy security gates & guards are manufactured using high strength aluminium alloys. Gorilla aluminium products prevent people, insects, monkeys and other small animals from entering. Our products are manufactured using high strength aluminium alloys and nylon insect screens and are ideally suited to the manufacture of security gates and window guards.

Projects in Aluminium




Alifab fabricate a wide range of aluminium products of various projects. Aluminium is used as an alternative to mild steel or stainless steel and can be employed as the material of choice in most fabrications. Its advantages of light weight and corrosion resistance make it ideal for many fabrications


Most projects are in the construction industry and our extensive knowledge of aluminium fabrication allows us to create cost effective solutions to our customer’s problems.


Alifab fabrications a wide range of products for the construction industry. These include:

·         Products: Handrail, purpose made and standard

§  Stairways

§  Screens


·         Materials: Aluminium, Mild Steel & Stainless Steel

Agents Wanted


Gorilla Aluminium Security Gates & Window Guards are looking for distribution and installation agents through out South Africa. If you want to become involved in this exciting product contact us now to learn more.

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